Frequently Used Forms

Appendix F (PDF)
Homeowner acting as general contractor
Affidavit as to Status of Licensure (PDF)
Licensure status verification
Appendix D (PDF)
Worker's compensation verification
Commercial Building Information Form (PDF)
This form is required for all Commercial Projects
Authorization to Pull a Permit (PDF)
Gives designated individuals permission to pull a permit under your license.
Elevation Certificate with Instructions (PDF)
Elevation Certificate for use with building in a Special Flood Hazard Area
Gas Piping Worksheet (PDF)
To determine gas piping details.
Manufactured Home Set-Up Authorization (PDF)
Homeowner authorized to pull permit on behalf of the set-up contractor
Residential Dock and Pier Exemption Certification (PDF)
Used for exemption for residential docks and piers
Shelving and Stocking Permit Application (PDF)
Used to Apply for a Shelving/ Stocking Permit
Statement of Special Inspections Form (PDF)
This Statement of Special Inspections is submitted as a condition for permit issuance
Temporary Certificate of Compliance Application (PDF)
Used to apply for a temporary occupancy
Temporary Electrical Power Application (PDF)
Application for temporary power
Appendix G (Third Party Inspection Form) (PDF)
Used by Licensed Architect or Engineer for certification of a Third Party Inspection
System Commissioning Form (PDF)
For use in new commercial buildings over 10,000 sq. ft.
Elevation Certificate (PDF)
Elevation Certificate with Instructions
V Zone Certification (PDF)
National Flood Insurance Program - V Zone Certification
Pier-Dock Analysis Form (PDF)
Pier/Dock Analysis Form
FIRM Index Map 2020 (PDF)
FIRM Index Map 2020