Department Updates


Welcome to Brunswick County Code Administration Department Updates Page. This page has been developed to convey important information you may need during your contact with the Code Administration Department. This page will be updated periodically.

Ground Rods Installations

The electrical contractor is responsible for installing grounding electrodes at the proper depth. Ground rods are permitted to be a maximum of 2 inches above grade for Temporary Power inspections. They shall be flush or below grade for final electrical inspections. If inspected and approved at the temporary power inspection, ground rods are not required to be uncovered at the electrical final inspection. If ground rods are being inspected for the first time at the electrical final inspection, they shall be uncovered or marked with flags and shall be flush or below grade at the time of inspection.

T Pole

Factory provided main bonding jumpers shall be installed per installation instructions. Field installed wire type main bonding jumpers shall not be used in lieu of the factory provided main bonding jumper unless specifically permitted by the manufacturer.

Wedge Anchors 

Special inspections are required. Commercial plan review will begin requiring the Special Inspections form to be submitted and will also be mentioned during preconstruction meetings.  Residential and Commercial projects will follow third party instructions evaluation condition of use.

Departmental Policy and Procedures

  • At Electrical Temporary Power, street numbers handwritten on glass or building wrap are not acceptable.  The property must have 4-inch or larger (legible) fully adhered numbers with a contrasting background.
  • Installation manuals from the major manufacturers are required at Final Plumbing Inspection to verify if vessel sink is to be caulked to the mounting surface.
  • A Milwaukee yellow paint pen is accepted and allowed for labeling exterior disconnects when written legibly.
  • Sub permits are not required for Electrical fireplaces.