Fire Inspection Fees

FY '24 Fire Fee Schedule (Effective July 1, 2023)

Fire Prevention Permit Fees

The fees set forth in this section are fixed for the issuance of the permits required by the Fire Prevention Code. Construction permits are valid for a period of one year from date of issue unless, as otherwise stated on the face of the permit. Operational permits will be valid for the same period as the inspection schedule in section 106 and the renewal will be the payment of the inspection fee for existing buildings. Renewal of permits shall be subject to fees in effect for the period of renewal.

Automatic fire-extinguishing Systems
Battery Systems (greater than 50 gallons)
Cryogenic Fluids
Fire Alarm and Detection Systems and Related Equipment
Private Fire Hydrants
Standpipe Systems with/without Sprinkler System
Temporary Membrane Structures, Tents, and Canopies
$50 Each
Emergency Responder Radio Coverage
Underground Fire Sprinkler Line
Solar Photovoltaic Power System