Septage Waste Disposal Program


This program was implemented in 2007 to allow septage haulers to dispose of waste at the West Brunswick Water Reclamation Facility.

All septage haulers transporting waste to the West Brunswick Water Reclamation Facility must have a valid license issued by the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality (NCDEQ). The County will also require each septage hauler to enter into a contract with the County and pay a licensing fee per truck for use of the facility. All haulers and their employees must attend required training for use of the septage facility.

The County will accept waste only from residential septic tanks and similar systems. No industrial waste will be accepted at this facility. Grease from grease traps will also not be accepted. The treatment facility staff shall have the right to refuse acceptance of any waste that they deem to be harmful to the treatment facility processes.

All waste hauled to the facility must be generated within Brunswick County. Any hauler found to be in violation of this requirement will have their right to bring waste to the facility revoked with no refund of fees previously paid.

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