Water Test Results


In an effort to give our water customers and residents timely, transparent information about their water, Brunswick County is working with the Department of Environmental Quality and other utilities in the region to provide testing for both the raw source water in the Cape Fear River and the finished water within the distribution system of these utilities.

Brunswick County Public Utilities treats its source water above current state and federal standards in accordance with the Safe Drinking Water Act and National Primary Drinking Water Standards, and maintains a robust sampling and monitoring schedule. Additionally, we believe in the importance of participating in studies to ensure that emerging compounds are discovered and appropriately regulated to protect drinking water utilities and their customers. Additionally, Brunswick County supports and encourages efforts by the State of North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) to eliminate discharges of chemicals into the river that have possible detrimental impacts on drinking water source quality.

For more information on permitting and compliance enforcement, please contact the DEQ, which is the agency responsible for monitoring and regulating discharges on the river.

In addition to testing for unregulated contaminants such as 1,4 Dioxane, Gen-x, and other PFAS, our staff also tests for a number of other contaminants as required by the EPA based on the agency's testing schedule rules. Many of these tests are performed multiple times per day at the water treatment plants and throughout the water distribution system. View our annual water quality reports to learn more.

Full Sampling Test Results

Samples listed by date:

Website chart 1-23-24
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