Payments & Fees

Fee Schedule

Attached is a copy of the Planning Department Fee Schedule adopted by the Brunswick County Board of Commissioners as well as a copy of the City of Northwest Fee Schedule adopted by the Northwest City Council.

Planning Department and City of Northwest Fee Schedule (PDF)

Payment Options for Planning Fees

Notice Regarding Online Credit Card & Debit Card Payments

The maximum amount allowed for a single online Credit Card and Debit Card payment is $1000. The processing fee for a Credit Card payment is $3.95 and the fee for a Debit Card is $1.95.

If an invoice is above $1000 then additional payments will have to be processed to equal the total invoice amount. Each additional payment will incur a processing fee.

Example: A $1500 invoice would require two payments and will incur the processing fee for each payment. If you have any questions or concerns, please call Brunswick County Planning Department at 910-253-2025.

Thank you