Setback Certification Requirements


Effective July 1st, 2018, a foundation survey is required to certify that building setback requirements are met for residential homes, additions, and accessory structures. An accessory structure includes carports, sheds, garages, workshops, gazebos, pool houses, and cabanas. The foundation survey must be signed and sealed by a registered Professional Land Surveyor (PLS)* and submitted to the Planning Department after the Foundation Inspection for site-built homes and accessory structures. The foundation survey must be submitted to the Planning Department prior to the Set-Up Inspection for mobile homes. Survey maps must show the following:

  • Any existing structures
  • Any other encumbrances associated with the property
  • Easements
  • Property Lines
  • Proposed Structures
  • Setback Lines
  • Structure's Distance from Property Lines

Setback Certification Not Required

  • Accessory Structures that are no more than 12 feet in any dimension
  • Bona Fide Farm Structures
  • Fences and walls
  • Generators
  • Mobile Homes in Mobile Home Parks
  • Signs
  • Structures located more than 50 feet from a property line
  • Swimming Pools
  • Uncovered Patios and Decks

Failure to Submit the Survey Will Delay Your Project and Prohibit Future Building Inspections.

Questions or concerns may be directed to Brunswick County Planning at 910-253-2025 or email Connie Marlowe

Brunswick County Planning

  • Mailing Address:
    • P.O Box 249
      Bolivia, NC 28422
  • Shipping Address:
    • 75 Courthouse Dr.
      Bolivia, NC 28422
      Phone: 910-253-2025

Brunswick County Website

Note: In lieu of a survey map, a signed and sealed letter from a PLS that identifies the property and structure certifying that the structure meets or exceeds the building setback requirements for the zoning district may be submitted.

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