Lodging Establishments

Lodging Resources

Lodging establishments regulated by this program include hotels, motels, inns, bed and breakfast homes, bed and breakfast inns and other places providing lodging accommodations for pay. Lodging establishments which meet certain exemptions (PDF), as specified by law, are not permitted or inspected by the local health department. This typically includes Airbnb and Vrbo accommodations. The operation of permitted lodging establishments must comply with the NC. Rules Governing the Sanitation of Lodging Establishments and all applicable sections of the NC. Food Code Manual.

Bed and Breakfast Inns are inspected twice a year and all other lodging establishments are inspected once a year. Following an inspection, the Environmental Health Specialist is required to post a grade card in a conspicuous place where it can be readily observed by the public upon entering the lodging establishment. Previous inspections are available for review on our Inspection Scores page.