Food Establishments

Food Establishment Resources

Inspections of food service establishments are required from one to four times per year, based on a risk assessment, and a grade is issued. Grade cards must be posted where they may be readily observed by the public upon entering a food service establishment and/or purchasing food through a delivery window. Follow-up visits and calls are made when complaints are received. Program staff aim to educate and work with facility operators through all interactions in an effort to create safer food service environments and help prevent foodborne illness.

Planning to open a restaurant or buy an existing establishment? A plan review application packet must be submitted for new and renovated food service establishments. When ownership changes or an existing food service establishment is leased a plan review application requesting a transitional permit must be submitted. Please contact our office at 910-253-2150 if you have questions or need additional assistance with the application process.

Note: Certain baked goods and other non-potentially hazardous food items may be produced in a home kitchen but this is not regulated by the health department. Contact the NC Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services at 984-236-4850 or visit their website for more information.