Construction & Renovation Requirements for Public Swimming Pools

In NC, plans must be submitted to the local health department for review and approval prior to beginning construction of a new public swimming pool or remodeling of an existing pool. Remodeled means renovated in a manner requiring disruption of the majority of the pool shell or deck, changes in the pool profile, or redesign of the pool hydraulic system. Public swimming pool plans must be prepared by a registered design professional.

Plans submitted for constructing or remodeling public swimming pools must include:

  • Plan and sectional view dimensions of both the pool and the area enclosed by the barrier fences to include the bathhouse, equipment room and pool accessories;
  • Specifications of all treatment equipment used and their layout in the equipment room;
  • A piping schematic showing piping, pipe size, inlets, main drains, skimmers, gutter outlets, vacuum fittings and all other appurtenances connected to the pool-piping system;
  • Layout of the chemical storage room; and
  • Specifications for the water supply and wastewater disposal systems that include aspects such as well location and backwash water disposal where applicable.

Once a complete set of plans, plan review application and plan review fee have been received by our office the plan will be approved or disapproved with written comments within 30 days. If construction is not initiated within one year from the date of approval, the approval is void. Public swimming pools must be constructed by swimming pool contractors licensed by the NC Licensing Board for General Contractors. The General Contractor's license must include the Swimming Pool Classification.

During Construction

The swimming pool contractor must contact our office when pool pipes are in place and visible so that an Environmental Health Specialist can conduct an open-pipe inspection.

When Construction Is Complete

Prior to issuance of the operation permit, the owner must submit a statement signed by a registered design professional stating that construction is complete and in accordance with approved plans and specifications. Observation of construction and a final inspection for design compliance by the certifying registered design professional or his representative are required for this statement.