Voting on Election Day

On Election Day, as a registered voter, you must:

  1. Report to your designated Election Day precinct. The name, location, and, address of your Election Day precinct may be found by checking your record using the Voter Lookup Tool, referring to the registration card mailed to you when you registered, or by calling the Board of Elections office at 910-253-2620. Due to the heavy call volume on Election Day, it is advised to call and inquire about your voting location prior to Election Day itself.
  2. Go to the check-in station and state your name and residential address. You will be asked to show photo ID.  If it is a primary election, unaffiliated voters must also state in which party's primary they would like to participate. For more information about unaffiliated voters and primary elections, please refer to the Type of Elections section of this website.
  3. Sign an Authorization to Vote (ATV) document certifying that you are a U.S. citizen, are not serving a sentence for a felony conviction, your address is current, and you have not already voted.
  4. After signing, you will be directed to the ballot station where you will exchange the ATV form for a ballot.
  5. Once the ballot is received, you will be directed to a voting booth and mark it with the pen provided inside the booth.
  6. Once the ballot is marked, you will be directed to a scanner where you will insert the ballot. You know your ballot has been cast when you see the American flag wave on the scanner screen.