Campaign Finance Reports

You can browse campaign finance reports below (by year).

Note: Committees that have filed a Certification of Threshold indicating that they will neither raise nor spend more than $1,000 in the course of an election are not required to file campaign finance reports. If you have questions about a candidate's threshold status, please call our office at 910-253-2620 or send an email.

Campaign Finance Reports Filed

Campaign finance reports are organized by year based on when the covered transactions occurred.  To search for a specific candidate's campaign finance report, you can use the search function on this website at the top right of the page.

Some Reports Filed With State Board of Elections

Find reports for Frank Williams, John W Ingram V, Brian Chism, Pat Sykes, Mike Forte, Jamie Phillips, Charles Farley, Robert Carroll, Katie Madon, J. Martin Cooke, Steve Gainey, Liz White, John Shirk, Todd Coring, Pete Larkin, Erik E Tammaru and Jwantana Frink. 

Select Campaign Finance Report, Search - by Committee/Entity, and at the next screen enter (your county name) in the search field - for example (Brunswick). This will bring up a list of county candidates, and you can click on the committee name to view their data files.