Biological Control

The mosquito fish, Gambusia affinis, is a native minnow to North Carolina and prefers to eat mosquito larvae. It is a top-feeding minnow and are relatively small in comparison to many other freshwater fish, with females reaching an overall length of 2.8 inches and males a length of 1.6 inches. The female can be distinguished from the male by her larger size and a gravid spot at the posterior of her abdomen.

The name "mosquito fish" was given because the diet of this fish sometimes consists of large numbers of mosquito larvae, relative to body size. The mosquito fish are typically found in ditches that do not dry up and permanent bodies of water like storm retention ponds.

Our field staff are trained to identify, locate, capture, and distribute the mosquito fish Gambusia affinis. This biological control strategy provides a good opportunity for long-term control of mosquitoes in areas where water is found all year around.