Children's Services

Brunswick County offers programs to ensure the well-being of children, including assistance programs, investigations into concerns of abuse or neglect, and care for children removed from their homes.

Report a concern of abuse or neglect involving an adult. Information about programs offering assistance with health care coverage is available.

Adoptions: Detailed studies must be completed for those persons applying for adoption. Find more information.

Car Seat Check: Health Services is a registered Permanent Check Station that offers car seat checks by appointment only. Contact Nicole Jacobs or Contina Bryant at 910-253-2250 for more information or to make an appointment. Find more information on child passenger safety recommendations. Find more information on North Carolina seat belt law.

Child Support Assistance: The Child Support program provides full Child Support service to all public assistance and non-public assistance recipients applying for services. These services include the location of absent parents, establishment of paternity, and establishment and enforcement of child support. Apply in person at the Social Services office; no appointment is necessary.

Children's Health Coverage Assistance: Health Choice for Children, Medicaid, and Care Coordination for Children offer affordable health insurance or health coverage for children or families who cannot afford health insurance.

Children's Protective Services: Children's Protective Services provides intervention to children under the age of 18 who are neglected and/or physically, mentally, or sexually abused by their parents or caretakers. The appropriate law enforcement office intervenes when the perpetrator of neglect or abuse is a non-caretaker. To report suspected neglect or abuse of a child, call 910-253-2077, 910-253-2114, or 910-253-2185. To make a weekend, after-hours or holiday report of suspected neglect, abuse, or exploitation, call 911 and ask to speak to the on-call social worker.

Daycare Assistance: The Daycare program provides assistance with the cost of daycare to qualifying parents. Subsidies are paid directly to the childcare facilities contracting with Social Services. Apply in person at the Social Services office; on the day the application is submitted, an appointment for a group meeting will be set.

Foster Care: Foster Care Services is always looking for people interested in becoming foster or adoptive parents. Contact Tamela Jones by email or call at 910-253-2112.

Pediatric Clinic: The Pediatric Clinic provides diagnosis and treatment services by a Family Nurse Practitioner. The clinic accepts referrals from the Case Management for At-Risk Children (CMARC) program, as well as other agencies, including public schools, daycare centers, and Social Services.