Public Utilities


250 Grey Water Road
Supply, NC 28462

P.O. Box 249
Bolivia, NC 28422

910-253-2657, option 1

Link: Public Utilities Page


Monday through Friday
8 am to 4:30 pm

After-Hours Emergencies


Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Baig, Jeff Field Services Manager 910-253-1710  
Baranwal, PhD, Parul Water Quality Program Manager 910-253-1997  
Barron, Mario Construction Manager 910-253-2627  
Beachum, James Senior Inspector    
Costin, Tim Wastewater Collections Superintendent 910-253-2681  
Debruhl, Melissa Utilities Dispatch    
Dillahay, Mitch Inspector    
Dixon, Donald Deputy Director - Wastewater Operations 910-253-2485  
Eaves, Jason Safety Officer 910-253-2362  
Galey, Tamara Logistics & Asset Management Coordinator 910-253-2458  
Gillette, Karen Administrative Assistant II    
Grissett, Tammy Utilities Dispatch    
Heck, BJ Instrumentation & Electrical Superintendent 910-253-2011  
Henry, Matthew Wastewater Superintendent 910-253-2479  
Heuschneider, Peter Inspector    
Hill, Thad Water Resources Superintendent 910-371-3490  
Hux, Reid Metering & Technology Specialist    
Lockamy, PE, Brent Deputy Director - Design & Construction 910-253-2460  
Smith, Matt Safety Supervisor 910-253-2702  
Moore, Benjamin Inspector    
Morden, Jacquie Accounting Technician    
Murphy, Trent Purchasing Manager 910-253-2636  
Nichols, PE, CPESC, John Director of Public Utilities      
Reece, Shalene Cross-Connection Control Coordinator 910-253-2457  
Reynolds, Lloyd GIS Analyst    
Sexton, Jeremy Water Resources Superintendent 910-253-2488  
Thompson, Mickey Distribution Superintendent 910-253-2404  
Tweedy, PE, Bob Project Manager 910-253-2680  
Walker, Glenn Water Resources Manager 910-371-3490  
Webb, Tim Wastewater Treatment Superintendent 910-253-2479  
Worters, Bill Construction Superintendent 910-253-2963