Code Administration


75 Courthouse Drive
Building I
Bolivia, NC 28422



Link: Code Administration Page


Monday through Friday
8:30 am to 5 pm

Code Enforcement Concerns: 910-253-2200


Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Holden, Judy Administrative Assistant 910-253-2044  
Hyman, John Deputy Director - Building Inspections 910-253-2049  
Kidd, Dwight Business Analyst 910-253-2053  
Slate, Michael Director of Code Administration 910-253-2047  
Thompson, Andrew Deputy Code Administrator/Fire Marshal 910-253-2041  

Building Plans Review 

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Dills, Stanley Building Plans Reviewer 910-253-1719  
McIntosh, Jeff Building Plans Reviewer 910-253-5738  
Somersett, Kevin Building Plans Reviewer 910-253-2048  
York, Sherri Building Plans Reviewer 910-253-1734  

Central Permitting Division 


Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Bryant, Hugo Intake Application Reviewer 910-253-1752  
Dixon, Yaenette Property Technician 910-253-2069  
Edwardo, Cynthia Property Technician 910-253-2028  
Howard, Lori Property Technician 910-253-2046  
Jones, Anna Senior Property Technician 910-253-2037  
Rogers, Lynn Property Technician 910-253-2045  
Thomas, Gracie Central Permitting Supervisor 910-253-2032  

Fire Inspections Division 

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Belovin, Trevor Deputy Fire Marshal / Fire Inspector 908-902-1062  
Budd, William Deputy Fire Marshal / Fire Inspector 443-202-8967  
Hall, Jason Deputy Fire Marshal/Fire Inspector 910-899-3674  
Hatcher, Justin Deputy Fire Marshal / Fire Inspector 417-569-5680  
King, Kyle Deputy Fire Marshal/Fire Inspector 910-998-5005  
Lovick , Richard Deputy Fire Marshal/Fire Inspector 252-269-6783  
Norris , Anthony Deputy Fire Marshal/Fire Inspector 910-249-0471  
O’Connor, Frank Deputy Fire Marshal / Fire Inspector 410-456-7513  
Oliver, Joe Deputy Fire Marshal / Fire Plans Examiner 910-253-2043 910-676-4392
Palmer, Mark Deputy Fire Marshal / Fire Inspector 910-526-1047  
Smith, Josh Assistant Fire Marshal 910-253-1718 910-477-0692
Thompson, Andrew Deputy Code Administrator / Fire Marshal 910-253-2041 910-279-2764

Flood Plain Division 

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Paggioli, James Floodplain Administrator 910-253-2054  
Taube, Steffan Floodplain Administrator 910-253-2822  


Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Babson, Brad Multi-Trade Inspector 910-612-7753  
Babson, Bradley Multi-Trade Inspector 910-619-8739  
Ball, Michael Multi-Trade Inspector 910-512-7769  
Ball, Pamela Multi-Trade Inspector 910-612-5235  
Batson, Zach Multi-Trade Inspector 910-512-7534  
Beaver, Patrick Multi-Trade Inspector 910-294-1411  
Biggers, Earl Multi-Trade Inspector 336-712-5767  
Britt, Amy Multi-Trade Inspector 919-820-2175  
Britt, Mike Multi-Trade Inspector 910-625-5158  
Chandler, David Part-Time Multi-Trade Inspector 828-773-6323  
Christensen, Chad Multi-Trade Inspector 910-524-7220  
Crocker, Jake Multi-Trade Inspector 910-477-1707  
Fancey, John Multi-Trade Inspector 240-855-3542  
Gaskin, Mike Multi-Trade Inspector 910-612-7493  
Gore, Matt Multi-Trade Inspector 704-832-5551  
Jones, Ken Multi-Trade Inspector 910-624-4587  
Long, Hunter Multi-Trade Inspector 256-604-7138  
Maguire, Jim Multi-Trade Inspector 910-253-2347 404-694-1586
Mallon, Michael Multi-Trade Inspector 828-412-1062  
Osborne, David Multi-Trade Inspector 910-409-6357  
Pope, Dana Multi-Trade Inspector 910-620-5760  
Rabon, Scott Multi-Trade Inspector 910-523-1036  
Rape, Kevin Multi-Trade Inspector 910-234-2908  
Smith, Wayne Multi-Trade Inspector 843-516-0453  
Taube, Sten Multi-Trade Inspector 910-253-2347 910-617-4152
Tennant, Chris Multi-Trade Inspector 910-795-6021  
Williams, John Multi-Trade Inspector 910-742-5672  
Wolfe, Nicole Multi-Trade Inspector 304-692-0398