County Attorney’s Office

Welcome to the Brunswick County Attorney's Office! We represent the county government in legal proceedings, provide legal advice to the Board of Commissioners and county departments, and supervise the drafting of ordinances and legal documents. We also prosecute ordinance violations in the county, but do not prosecute criminal matters. We cannot provide legal services to private citizens.

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About the County Attorney's Office

The Office of the County Attorney provides legal guidance and support for elected county officials, county departments and boards in conducting county business. The office reviews and consults on contracts regarding county services and provides legal opinions and counseling covering a wide range of topics on a daily basis. The office provides legal counsel on all areas of local government, including contracts, procedure, litigation, open meetings, public records, purchasing, code enforcement, property tax assessment and collection, budget and financial procedures, and personnel matters. The office supervises the drafting of all ordinances, prepares legal documents, and represents the county before judicial and administrative agencies in civil litigation proceedings. The Office of the County Attorney supervises and manages all matters under its control, including cases where outside counsel is retained for specific expertise in an area of law.

The Office of the County Attorney prosecutes local ordinance violations occurring within the jurisdiction of Brunswick County. The Office of County Attorney does not handle criminal cases or traffic violations. Criminal matters in the county are handled by the District Attorney's Office.

The Office of the County Attorney cannot provide legal services or advice to private citizens.

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