How do you collect information for the CHA?

Health information is collected from Brunswick County residents in three ways: key informant interviews, community health opinion surveys, and focus groups.

Key Informant Interviews

  • Strategic Planning Committee
  • Community-Based Organizations
  • Community Leaders

Community Health Opinion Surveys

  • Brunswick County residents
  • Surveys in English and Spanish
  • Training provided on survey collection for Health Department staff and volunteers

Focus Groups

  • 2 in-person focus groups
  • 15 participants per group for a total of 30 participants
  • 1 in English, 1 in Spanish

Key informant interviews and focus groups provide insight into community health concerns. Involvement of providers, particularly community-based organizations, faith-based organizations, and education institutions/civic leaders will occur through the key informant interviews and via input from representatives on the Steering Committee.

We ensure involvement with the hard-to-reach or most marginalized communities in Brunswick County by meeting them where they are at. After engaging with these communities, we develop a high-level action plan with recommendations prioritized through input and the direction of the Steering Committee.

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