Why is Brunswick County revaluing properties?

Revaluations are required by North Carolina Law. North Carolina General Statute § 105-286 requires each county to conduct a revaluation (reappraisal) at least once every eight years to reflect current market value. Many counties including Brunswick County conduct their revaluations every four years. The last revaluation was effective January 1, 2019.

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1. What is a revaluation?
2. Why is Brunswick County revaluing properties?
3. When does the 2023 revaluation go into effect?
4. What does the revaluation process look like?
5. Can I opt out of the revaluation and/or qualify for relief?
6. How will my property value change?
7. How will revaluation affect my tax bill?
8. How can I determine if my new value is correct?
9. After I receive my notice of assessed value, how can I compare my new value to my old value?
10. What if I have questions about my new value?
11. How can I appeal my new value?