How can I view a survey online or how do I use the register of deeds screen?

View the survey online. Enter the parcel number, address, owner name, or legal description and the tax information should come up. (If you have trouble retrieving this information, contact the Tax Department.) If a survey has been recorded for this property you will obtain the survey reference in the legal description.

Next, go to the Register of Deeds Online Records Search. If you have not used this website before you will need to fill out the online application form. Once you have received your log-in information you can proceed into the program. After you have entered the login information, a list of search categories will appear. Since you already have the map book and page of the survey you wish to see, select "book page direct." At this screen, scroll down to "map" and then enter your book and page. The image should appear through Acrobat Reader. (If you have trouble retrieving this information, contact the Register of Deeds).

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