How do I register to vote?

You can obtain a voter registration form online or at many county-wide locations, or by contacting the Board of Elections office at 910-253-2620 or 1-800-822-5986.

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1. Who is the County Manager?
2. How do I contact your office?
3. Where is your office located?
4. When is your office open?
5. When is county government closed for holidays?
6. Do you have any job openings?
7. When do the commissioners meet and how do I add an item to the agenda?
8. What is the best way to communicate with the commissioners?
9. If I'm interested in serving on a board or committee, what process do I follow?
10. How can I find the department or agency I need that provides a particular service?
11. I have a complaint regarding a county department and an employee. What should I do?
12. What ordinances do we have in Brunswick County?
13. What is the population of Brunswick County?
14. What is the current tax rate?
15. I need an attorney, but can't afford one. Can the County Attorney help me or can you recommend someone?
16. How do I contact the District Attorney's Office or the Clerk of Court's Office?
17. Who do I contact about jury duty?
18. Who do I contact about my court date?
19. Who should I contact for replacement of a road sign?
20. Who should I contact about road maintenance?
21. My road is not a state road. How do I get my road maintained or paved?
22. Who should I contact about obtaining a business license?
23. Who should I contact about public housing?
24. When are the solid waste convenience centers and the landfill open?
25. How can I find my garbage collection day?
26. I am new the area. How do I obtain a garbage can for roadside pickup?
27. How do I register to vote?
28. How can I obtain a building permit?
29. Where do I obtain a marriage license?
30. Where can I get a copy of a birth, death or marriage certificate?
31. Where can I get a passport?
32. How can I get on your bidder's list?
33. Is there a social security office located at the Government Center in Bolivia?