Holden Beach Causeway Transportation Corridor Study

HB Causeway

The Grand Strand Area Transportation Study MPO (GSATS) funded a study to improve the Holden Beach Causeway by observing the area and addressing the concerns of Causeway business owners and patrons as well as the community related to vehicular and pedestrian safety, accessibility, right‐of‐way encroachments, and parking deficiencies. This study provides insight as to how the corridor functions and ideas for future improvements from a transportation and land use perspective. A steering committee was formed to guide the project. Bolten & Menk was selected to facilitate the study. They facilitated two well-attended community meetings and released a survey that obtained information from full and part-time area residents, business owners and their customers, tourists, visitors, and other commuters who travel on the corridor or across Brunswick County.

The study uses public feedback to develop proposed design options for the corridor, recommendations on road improvements and redevelopment along the one‐mile span of the causeway from Holden Beach Road to the Intracoastal Waterway that includes maps, visual alternatives, descriptions of the project, implementation schedule, and detailed cost estimates. 

Holden Beach Causeway Corridor Study Steering Committee endorsed the plan.